Invest for Living

Janu Livonia LLC, a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust, is Michigan based owners and developers of properties in United States having significant development experience in India.

The Company acquires, develops, and manages its properties through full-service regional office in Detroit land area. Its portfolio is comprised of first-class medical buildings, single family homes, condos, private estate lots, horse barn, offices and retail plaza. 

Our REIT portfolio consistently look for good investment in commercial & residential market that generates good opportunity for growth and continuous monthly cash-flow for investors through our rental / management programs.

Our mission is to provide shelter to all the entities regardless of business, individual or animals at the most affordable and quality living.  In this process, we would like to help government and cities to improve society by renovating and maintaining properties. 

Our vision is to find great properties those are undervalued having great location for future growth.  We believe that our values will significantly be realized through long term investment. 

Living is everyone's birth right.  So let's make it better for life, community, city & government with a philosophy of financially rewarding and still have luxury at every location we live.