Invest for Living

As part of our managment of real estate portfolio, this division is dedicated towards renting all the properties we currently own.

We offer these service to other property owners in order to facilitate, maintain and manage their tenants.  We believe that all the rental programs should be very competitive and efficient to promote and market the properties to potential tenants.  Efficiency to run and manage the REIT portfolio is the key to success allowing low cost rent to everyone.

Depending on the facility type, rental programs varies. 

  • For smaller tenants, we offer the flexibility for gross rent and provide all their needs  for maintenance. 
  • For larger tenants, our rental programs offer lower rent through NNN lease programs so that they have the independence to maintain on their own without any landlord intervention.
  • For long term tenants, we also offer an option to purchase with leasing plan. This is our strategy to make our tenants win creating equity in the buildings they rent. 

We also provide flexibility for the tenants to do ground lease.