Invest for Living

Living is not only human being rights but rights of every animals. So Why ignore them?  

Rather include them as part of our "socio-ecnomic development" environment goals providing better living with the vision to take care of horses, their health and also for entertainment. Indirectly, this vision would allow us to serve "Quality Life" to animals through development, management and maintenance of barn. 

Our barn is located less than 10 minutes away from Northville Downs on Seven mile just west of Beck Road.  This facility is surrounded by multi-million dollars estate homes, country clubs / golf course and less than 30 minutes from Detroit and Ann Arbor downtown.

As part of our goal, we would like to take care of horses that gives you benefits of riding, boarding, and training without having you to worry about day to day operational needs of  horses.  For your flexibility, we offer customize packages as below:

  • Platinum Services (Luxury) package
  • Gold Services (Upgraded) package
  • Silver Services (Standard) package
  • Self Boarding Service (Independent) package

Full service is our elegant package to take care of your horse and all the services that you deserve to truly enjoy your horse year around in a close proximity of county living within the most affluent area between Northville and Ann Arbor.  This package includes indoor arena (under construction), riding on premier race tracks, outside paddocks availability, picnic spots to view your kids riding and enjoy nature outside, and taking care of all day to day needs of your animal to up-keep and manage the health of your horse for its health including "show" horses.  This will give you the edge to participate in competitions and races to win some of the tournaments at Northville Downs.

Gold service package includes all the above items except indoor arena riding.

Silver service package is customize based on your minimum needs and still allow you to own horse and yet free from its maintenance issues.  Last but not least, for most economical needs of horse boarders who would like to take care everything by them-self we do provide least expensive way to do "self-boarding".

FOR MORE DETAILS - contact (248) 952-0880.