Invest for Living

We have various investment programs that offers flexibility and scalability to investors based on their risk levels.  These include investments in apartment complex, medical buildings, office buildings, lands, barns, assisted living, condominiums and retail strip centers.

Our investment programs are very diversified and focused towards different types of products. 

The investors can pick and choose their own investment products depending on what they are looking for. 

  • For seniors, they can pick investment programs those are more tailored towards regular monthly income. 
  • For young individuals who would like to invest for future growth, we offer growth oriented portfolio. 
  • For those who are looking for combination of both growth and income, we have hybrid programs too.

In order to provide you the income and the growth you deserve, we continuously work hard and look for better properties.  Our goal is to protect your investment and still provide the income on a regular basis. 

Our strategy is to not only protect your asset but continuously increase the value of our REIT portfolio for growth without sacrificing monthly income.  Our strategic direction is always aligned with our basic philosophy towards every investment. 

Philosophically, all our roads would lead to provide better shelters to every individuals and also for all businesses.  Business like individuals, require also "Home" that would be prestigious, safe and functional to run their operations efficiently for years to come.  We are committed to all our investors to execute that vision in order to improve society & city to make living better without sacrificing standards of living. 

As part of our management group, we offer consulting service and renovation plans with better architectural drawings to extend the efficiency of every inch of the space that our tenant rents.  This is our value added service to all our tenants with minimal cost.